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Recently I read an exceptional book: As We Speak. It provided terrific advice about communication, presentation, and everything to speaking related. One of the final chapters was entitled “Creating A Personal Vision” and it has had a profound effect on me – especially the following quote from the book:

“Most of us live in reaction to the things happening around us. We get pushed down the path of life by the demands of people and events, rushing from one urgent situation to another. We’re constantly putting out fires and responding to the requirement of the moment. If you’ve ever fallen into the trap of being yanked through life by your to-do list, you recognize this feeling…We can get confused by the activity trap, hypnotized into thinking that staying busy will give our lives meaning…”

That statement brought into full view what many of us experience in our busy lives. We’ve forgotten to smell the roses and pay attention to our true priorities. This month I have many important roses to smell.


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